Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Love Google Goggles!

Raging Beauty - 10"x10" Oil on Linen Panel
David Gallup's Monday Master Class
As you probably know by now, I take a weekly class from David Gallup.  It's a four hour class and we spend a good hour to an hour and a half just talking about art, marketing and life in general.   Often our discussions about art are a result of critiques David gives about the work we bring in.  Sometimes David will illustrate a point by bringing out a well-worn book containing great color plates of various artists' work.  Sometimes he will use his own works in progress to discuss how a certain thing can be approached.

On one particular day several of us had brought in plein air seascapes.  We often paint at Sesquit Point in Leo Carrillo State Park Beach.   I brought this painting in.  Originally it had a cooler and darker look.   I liked it.  However, David thought it looked like a nightscape seascape because of all of the cool colors.   I have since added in some warms and made sure that the directionality of the light was clear and although there are still lots of cools, I'm happy with it.   If people want to think of "Raging Beauty" as a nightscape... that's okay with me.

Illustrating Thoughts
More and more, David is using his new I-Pad to illustrate a certain artist's brushwork, color, or composition.   On this day he had his own seascape and pulled up an image of an artist he considered an outstanding painter of seascapes on his I-Pad to place next to his work.  I have a rotton memory and often take photos to help me remember the points he is making.   That is what I did using my smart phone (a Droid) instead of my camera this time.  Shortly afterward, my phone pinged and this came up!    I had totally forgotten that I had downloaded Google Goggles after a docent at the Getty had told me about it about a year ago.   Much to my surprise, the phone automatically searched the museum archives around the world, compared it to my phone camera photo and came up with a suggestion that the painting on the left that David is pointing at as he's talking, was "similar" to a a painting by William Reischel. 

Screen Shot of Google Goggles

My art history education is lacking and it is fabulous to be able to whip out my smart phone, take a photo of a painting or the image of a painting to see if Google Goggles can identify it.   I did it just tonight to cheat and identify an image on Katherine Tyrell's blog that she posted as a challenge.  I knew I just didn't have the ability to do it otherwise, and I won't try to respond because I did cheat, but I still think it's a great little ap!!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

No offense to your mentor but who cares if the scene looks like a night scene? I think it is stunning either way!

Marian Fortunati said...

Sherry.. I've gotten to the point where I learn from his advice but I paint what I like. Thank you so much!!!

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