Monday, October 29, 2012

More Island Stories

Ford Point, Santa Rosa Island - 9"x12" Oil on RayMar Panel

So much has been going on and I seem to be getting behinder and behinder.    I'm trying to keep up with my art club obligations AND paint and be part of my family.

So this is another post about my September trip to the Channel Islands.   This painting was painted on the last day we were on Santa Rosa Island.  I still had my cold and had been painting while on the island earlier in the day.   I painted this from the top deck of the boat.  The waves were constantly crashing against the sloping sandstone rocks on the edge of Ford Point.   When the wave crashed up on the slope, the water would rush to the top of the slope, then come crashing back just before the next wave crashed.

The seas reflected the colors of the sun and the island rocks.   It was a beautiful time -- late afternoon.

Ford Point, Santa Rosa Island

Earlier in the week one of the paintings that I painted last year from the Channel Islands trip was purchased by a client in Georgia.  It was called, Cueva Valdez, and was painted off the coast of Santa Cruz Island.

I'm on another painting trip now heading up the coast to Tomales Bay to paint with a large group of California Art Club Artists.   We've been really having a great time and have seen some absolutely gorgeous scenery.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Of every state I've been in or through, I can say that we have tons of gorgeous scenery in this country. Hopefully life settles down a bit for you as we head towards winter and you can get caught up with everybody's needs including your own. Love the painting but then I always do. You are a true California Plein Aire Artist!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Always wonderful work Marian.

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