Monday, December 3, 2012

Cooper - Staying With Nona -- And Marketing Musings

Cooper - Staying With Nona 8"x6" O/C
"Cooper - Staying With Nona" was painted from a Cell Phone Photo.

If any of you are interested in asking me to create a painting of one of your loved ones...  cell phone photos are NOT the best source!!!

The Daily Artshow and Statistics
As I've written about several times, my website hosts, FASO are always doing new things to help us promote our art.  That's a good thing in the long run and I really do appreciate it.  See an example of today's DAS:   FASO Daily Art Show 

Today for example, this little painting I did of my grandson is in the daily art show.  It's there today because I posted it to my portfolio yesterday.  FASO gathers up everyone's postings and creates a little exhibit for anyone to enjoy.  At the time of this writing I already had almost twice as many hits as I had all day yesterday because I hadn't posted anything new for yesterday.  The problem (if there actually IS a problem) is that the vast majority of these visits to my website are single page visits.  I haven't found out, but I'm beginning to wonder if just having the little image highlighted on the side counts as a hit or whether the viewer has to actually click on it and go to your webpage.   I suspect it's the former.  I also suspect that the vast majority of the viewers are other FASO users, thus mostly other artists -- not a bad thing, but although many of us artists do purchase other artist's work, most of us are looking beyond the pool of artists for our collector base.

Every once in a while one or two viewers seem to stop to look at every piece of art I have posted on my website.  And every once in a while, from that group, someone decides they would like to purchase one of my artworks.  (YAY)  But what is it that encouraged them to browse through the collections in my website in the first place?

It's always good to share one's art and I am thrilled to do so, but looking at these statistics continues to make me ponder the whole issue of how an artist gets his or her work in front of OTHER types of viewers -- those who are not artists but who love art or who love the outdoors... or who love flowers ... or who know what?????.  I'd appreciate it if any of you have great ideas you'd like to share.  Who is the perfect audience for your art and where do you find them???

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Cooper is adorable! Is this your daughter's son? I seem to remember when she was pregnant and you waiting for her call. Where does the time go?

As to your questions, I'm afraid I'm of no help. I do not market any of my art work (for obvious reasons).

Marian Fortunati said...

Hi Sherry..
Yes this is my youngest daughter's son. He's a cutie!!!

How many grandchildren do you have?? A lot more than I do, if memory serves. Bet they're ALL cuties!!!

Laura Wambsgans said...

Fantastic Marian, I just love the expression and the roundness to all the form you have created. He is ALIVE~

Laura Wambsgans said...

Fantastic Marian, I love the roundness to the form you created and the expression. This little guy is full of life, a classic. Might want to keep this one for your personal collection.

Marian Fortunati said...

Yes, Laura... It's a special one. I've been debating whether to keep it or give it to my daughter as a Christmas present.

Heck... SHE gets to see him every day... I might keep it. (LOL)

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