Monday, January 14, 2013

Memories of a San Simeon Sunset

San Simeon Sunset   10x10 O/L

Memories linger as we watched the sun set after a beautiful day.

Recently I decided that I needed to paint a new "seascape" that hadn't been seen or commented upon by my mentor, David Gallup.  My favorite place to paint at the coast is Leo Carrillo State Park, but the weather was lousy, Tyler was home and I had a short deadline so I decided to look through my photo archives for references.  My recent plein air painting trip up the coast of California with my friend, Sharon Weaver, provided me with lots and lots of great photo references.   My painting (above) was the result of taking in this beautiful scene in person and with the help of several references.

We stayed in Cambria, a place much touted by my friends, but where I'd never been.  They were right - it's gorgeous and well worth another visit.  The evening we arrived was rather cold and (worse) windy, so neither of us felt like breaking out our paint boxes.  But we walked and walked and I took many photos.  As the sun sunk into the Pacific, the golden rays caught the tips of the waves and made the scene magical.

After blocking in the initial shapes, I tried to bring all I remembered from Edgar Payne's and Guy Rose's rocks.  I was doing okay, but felt that the backlit waves lacked something.  I darkened the background, colored the white some more but still wasn't satisfied.  Then I decided to add in a bit of radiant green mixed with lemon yellow as a kind of foil.   Somehow I felt that that helped put the sparkle and magic into the backlit waves.

I was happy and hopefully the viewer can feel a bit of the magic that made that evening so special while looking at this little painting which I called:

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Marian, it is beautiful and I like the sunlight coming through those waves. The Guy Rose painting is absolutely stunning. Your rocks are mesmerizing to me; I keep looking at all the unexpected color I see in them.

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