Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunglow -- A Beautiful Way To Spend The Day

Each time I visit Sesquit Point at Leo Carrillo State Beach, I am awed with a different mood and view.  Sometimes the surf is wild and the wind chases the waves back, other times like the day I painted this the wind was calm and the sun was warm.  The tide was very low and the water was glasslike.   Just beautiful.  -So good for the soul!

Teri painting

Can you believe how clear
the water is??

My friend, Teri Starkweather, and I decided to go somewhere to paint together mid-week.  The weather had been cold and windy but I really hoped it would be nice by the time out outing rolled around.  We decided to take a chance at the beach and it turned out to be terrific.  Teri and I hadn't painted together before but we had a great time.  She painted the "long" view and I tried to find a spot with an interesting pattern of lights and darks.  In David Gallup's class a few weeks back we had talked about painting the glare of the sun on the water, so I decided to try to capture it.   Both of us had a great time on an almost perfect day.

I was happy with my little painting which I called "Sunglow".

It's cold and rainy again this week, so I'm glad we went when we did.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

Oh I do love this spot! Once again I find this composition beautiful and I also find myself wanting to wade in that clear little pool at the base of the rocks. Of course, the photo made me want to wade even more. Just beautiful, Marian!

Nancy Goldman said...

What a lovely scene and I love the lighting on your painting.

Marian Fortunati said...

Thanks so much, Sherry.. I do so appreciate your comment about the composition. As you know by now, that's what I've been trying to work on for some time now. ... unique, interesting and compelling compositions.

Marian Fortunati said...

Thanks, Nancy... That's what I was trying to work out... the lighting.

Plein air is fun, isn't it??

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