Monday, March 25, 2013

Everything's Relative Isn't It?

I was on a wonderful road trip adventure with a friend last week.  My friend, Kay, and I drove up the coast and painted on our way to a California Art Club paint out at Mission San Antonio de Padua.  My favorite part of the trip was the drive up.  The spring flowers were out and the weather was glorious.  The Mission itself was so interesting and the people who were in charge were gracious and committed.  It was terrific being with so many talented and fun artists.

I loved seeing and learning about a part of my state I hadn't been.

HOWEVER, there was no Internet.  So for almost a week there was no way to blog or check Facebook or send out any art news.  I couldn't post any new paintings.  I knew that without doing these things, visitors to my website would diminish. 

So imagine my surprise when shortly after I returned I suddenly noticed that my website stats were inexplicably skyrocketing.  I was thrilled.  Some of the visitors even became new commenters on my blog so I asked them WHY they visited.

March 20, 2013

1,350 pages viewed!

262 visitors!

After several inquiries and some browsing through my OWN mail, it turns out that my website hosts, Fine Art Studio Online (FASO) was sending out information about one of their newest features on the websites which was available to their clientele.  They used my sidebar as an example.

Obviously, FASO, has a lot of users!  They are always working to improve and further develop the websites and to make it even easier for all of us to market our work. 

It was great seeing that so many people were looking at my work.  But, as the title suggests, everything is relative.  The following four days would normally have been banner days as far as visitors or pages viewed, but compared to March 20, they were tiny.  Today, I think the stats have settled down to normal.   Ahh, well, it was a thrill for a while.

The Study
And everything -- values, color, --- everything is relative.   When doing this little figure study in and hour and a half at David's studio last week, we were trying to mix our colors (mostly mixed secondaries) into various pools of color with the same relative value.  We used those pools which we created to paint the essence of the beautiful model who posed for us.   An hour and a half sure does go by quickly!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Nice work with this one, Marian. Wish I were so perky. (Is that ok to say?)

Marian Fortunati said...

Perky was a long time ago for me. LOL :o)

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