Saturday, July 27, 2013


Patience 8x6 O/L

Efforts are being made to return parts of the Los Angeles River back to its orginal riparian state.  I found this great egret on a Sunday morning walk along the Glendale Narrows section of the LA River.

A Facebook friend named Charlie Morey takes fabulous photos of all sorts of birds he finds on his river walks.  If you get a chance,  check out his photos on FB.
He's the one who told me where to find this beautiful area.  When I was there the first day apparently he was there too.  He came by to say hi.  I didn't realize it, but he took a photo of ME!  (Just another bird along the river!!  LOL)

I went back yesterday because I was in the area picking up paintings from a show that was closing. The day was an unusually overcast July day caused by a tropical depression.  It sprinkled from time to time, but was still quite warm (and humid)  I had a great walk, but the only birds I saw were families of ducks and pigeons.  Actually that's not true...  I also saw some interesting birds which reminded me of the sandpipers I see on the beach, but they were much louder as they shouted at me to go away.   They could have been terns.  I'm going to have to learn to be a better bird identifier.  Anyway, I was looking for the bigger birds like the herons and the egrets.  

I googled heron because I wanted to know what kind of heron (grey or blue) I had seen the first day and was suprised to learn that herons and egrets are in the same family.  Actually now that I think about it, I shouldn't be surprised because their body shapes are so similar, but I was.  

I painted this little 8x6 study of a wonderful snowy egret or great egret while I visited the first time.  He stayed there in his clump of duckweed for a really long time waiting patiently for a fish or lizard or other delectable morsal to wander by.  Sadly, I wasn't as patient as he was.  I decided I wanted to get closer and off he flew.   Harumph!!!

I had hoped to do more sketches yesterday, but didn't see any likely models.   I'll go back to paint again for sure!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

I was wondering how you were able to get so close to the egret when I saw the photo of you in your painting spot. I also wondered where he was in that photo! You've explained it! Looks like a gorgeous place to wander and to paint. Your painting is wonderful!

Marian Fortunati said...

Actually he's way off to my left. I stayed pretty far away for a long time, but just wasn't patient enough!

When Charlie took the photo he was right behind me.

Be well, Sherry! Loved that drawing of your husband... I wouldn't have the nerve to try. -- actually I SHOULD... perhaps when he's dozing I will.

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